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How do you know if your SEO is profitable for your business? Morningscore is the tool that speaks the language leaders understand - $ and numbers. 

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Measure your business' SEO value in $ and hours

The fundamental idea of Morningscore is that you know exactly how much your organic traffic is worth. 

Morningscore collects data intelligently with no installation required, and enables you to track how your SEO value is progressing without going into too many details. 

So geeks won't use this tool? Our focus was to make an accessible SEO tool for leaders. However, in the process of simplifying things, we had to make it more intelligent and combine complex data for an easy overview. Therefore admittedly, even SEO geeks will probably love this tool as well.

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    SEO Value in $

    You wil get precise measures of your traffic value. Morningscore will tell you what the traffic would cost, if you had bought the similar traffic in Google Adwords.
    That metric is pretty solid as this shows what other business owners currently pay for that similar traffic on Google AdWords. Thefore, you can actually invest in SEO, and see if the ROI is good or bad.

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    Estimate Hours Worked on SEO

    If you have an internal SEO team or an external digital agency taking care of your SEO, it can be difficult to answer if there is progress or not. Morningscore is an independent 3rd-party tool which with great precision can identify that progress. Furthermore, it gives an estimation of how many hours went into that effort, and what that effort is worth in dollars. 

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    Competitor Analysis

    Track 3 competitors to see how you compare. You will know right away if they start putting a lot of work into SEO and they are leaving you in the dust.
    Morningscore is the only tool where you don't only see the competitors' results but also see an approximation of how many hours they've spent on getting these results.  

  • keyword rank icon

    Keyword Rankings

    Your potential customers search for your services or products on Google by entering relevant keywords.   You probably want to know how you (and your competitors) rank on these and how much traffic and value you get from your current keyword positions. As a neat bonus Morningscore also tracks your brand visibility.

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    Google Health Check - Done Right

    There are many tools out there that promise you a check up on your website's technical SEO. Most of them only analyze your frontpage, and those that dig deeper are too advanced and overengineered. Morningscore enables you to only get important data without sacrificing depth.

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    The Total Link Overview

    Other businesses linking to your website is important because it tells Google that your website is notable. See who links to your website and how this evolves over time. Compare yourself to competitors and see who has the strongest website. Get summarized info about new links as they are built by your SEO team.

What makes MorningScore unique?

You receive combined data from 5 different tools. We summarize and simplify the important stuff and give you the commanding overview.

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    Google Analytics
  • backlink checker icon
    Backlink Checker
  • rank tracker keywords icon
    Rank Tracker
  • audit tool crawler
    Audit Tool - Crawler
  • google adwords icon
    Google AdWords
Website traffic
Keyword name
Mothers day gift ideas 38100 187
Flowers 33100 1715
Bouquet 12100 926
Roses 5400 926
Send flowers 2900 352
Wedding bouquet 1900 230
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32 /hours
  • 3 new pages 1 hour ago
  • 12 new links to your website 2 hour ago
  • 21 new meta title tags 3 hour ago
  • 3 new pages 1 hour ago
  • 12 new links to your website 2 hour ago
  • 21 new meta title tags 3 hour ago
  • 3 new pages 1 hour ago
  • 12 new links to your website 2 hour ago
  • 21 new meta title tags 3 hour ago
Find out what your traffic is worth in $

To give you that insight we use Google Adwords data combined with keyword visibility

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