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What is Morningscore?

Morningscore is a no-nonsense, user-friendly software tool that makes it easy for marketing professionals and owners of small and medium-sized businesses to make sense of SEO.


Morningscore was founded in 2018 in Odense, Denmark.

In the early days of Morningscore, our CEO, Karsten, was running a digital agency.

From his meetings with clients, Karsten learned that it was difficult to communicate the value of the agency’s SEO efforts in a way that helped the clients understand the long-term value of good SEO work.

So Karsten wanted to find a way to make the SEO world much more transparent. And this vision is the foundation on which we're building Morningscore.

Today, Morningscore helps marketeers across the world make better and more well-informed decisions on how to best spend their marketing money.

And in the end, that's what we're here for: To help digital marketeers #MakeSenseOfSEO and succeed by doing things right.

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The Morningscore team

Karsten madsen - CEO of Morningscore
Karsten Madsen
Karsten is the CEO. In practice, this means he runs around talking to everyone while keeping his his head in the sky and his feet rooted. The result is a bipolar executionist/visionary with an indomitable will to succeed.
Mads Himstedt, CCO of Morningscore
Mads Himstedt
Mads is our CCO. He's the vigilant eye-in-the-sky, and his favorite domain is in the cockpit. Mads keeps a close eye on sales and other vital operations of Morningscore as he steers our rocket safely towards the sky.
Bjarne Bonde - CTO of Morningscore
Bjarne Bonde
Bjarne is the CTO. He has almost wizard-like skills and can instantly fix 99% of all programming issues. Bjarne meditated so much he can now do it permanently, which might explain his knack for insane programming wizardy.
Brian Kaibinger, Customer Success Manager at Morningscore
Brian Kaibinger
Brian is the Customer Success Manager who helps our users #MakeSenseOfSEO. He is also an avid musician who once played for 30.000 people most of whom came to see the next act. Brian keeps his mind sharp by reading about 10 new books a month and loves people who are passionate about what they do - whatever that may be.
Charlotte Randa Allermand, Account E
Charlotte Randa Allermand
Charlotte is the Account Executive for all Danish customers. She is a (former) boxer - stupid corona! - and she talks a lot about her dog. Charlotte likes to build long-lasting relationships with customers (which is kinda perfect as this is exactly what she does at Morningscore), and she is the happiest when her coffee is hot and strong.
Christian Aalykke
Christian Aalykke
Christian is our never-ending stream of words. He likes to talk (a lot!), and we try to placate him by letting him converse with our customers from all over the world. Christian dabbles in sales and support and helps customers make sense of our software.
Damaris Böhlig, freelance marketing assistant at Morningscore
Damaris Böhlig
Mari is our freelance marketing expert.  She has a German background and helps out whenever we want to communicate with the German market - which is quite a lot. Mari, a helper at heart, is also a writer and a nature photographer - and she adores kitesurfing and her dog Purzel (whose company we get to enjoy at the office every once in a while).
Daniel Berg, Sales Development Representative at Morningscore
Daniel Berg
Daniel is our Danish-speaking Sales Development Representative. He is also a family guy and a hobby farmer, and he helps Morningscore find those aspiring SEOnauts who are eager and ready for a trip towards the stars and prepares them for the mission.
Julia Schlögl
Julia Schlögl
Julia is our Account Executive for the German-speaking users of Morningscore. And speaking of speaking; Julia speaks 5 different languages as she has lived in many different places all over the world. She is a passionate dancer and easily inspired, so she always keeps a pen and paper at hand, so she can jot down all her creative, spontaneous ideas.
Kevin Mangkornkaew
Kevin Mangkornkaew
Kevin is our frontend developer. He's a prodigy within UI/UX because he values it so much. He's happy that he can turn his passion and attention to detail into true craftsmanship of good, consistent user interface.
Lukas Rasmussen
Lukas Rasmussen
Lukas is our customer support guy. He is a jack-of-all-trades. Being an SEO guy by heart, he handles our chat support and creates in-depth guides for our help center. Lukas also handles invoices and helps out in sales whenever needed.
Marina Dolcic does Morningscore's content marketing
Marina Dolcic
Marina is a copywriter and in charge of Google Ads. She also works with this obscure thing called es-ee-oh and she is happiest when things light up green in Morningscore and the blue arrows point upwards.
Martin Khan - Head of marketing at Morningscore
Martin Petrov
Martin is in charge of marketing. He really likes it when our Morningscore goes up, so he's pretty content most of the time. Martin has a life-long affair with links. "Liiiiinks!" It's not complicated.
Merete Bjerru, PR % Communications at Morningscore
Merete Bjerrum
Merete is in charge of PR & Communications and the nurturer of Morningscore's brand. She values the little things such as great coffee and high engagement rates on brand-supporting social media posts. She also loves the occasional confetti cannon.
Nevena Koluvija, Sales Development Representative at Morningscore
Nevena Koluvija
Nevena is our German-speaking Sales Development Representative, so she spends most of her time talking to potential new Morningscore users in the DACH countries. Nevi has a talent for languages and speaks three of them fluently (and two of them sorta), and she also loves dogs, the outdoors, and good jokes.
Peter Ipsen
Peter Ipsen
Ipsen is our backend developer. There's only one drawback about Ipsen: He has a habit of getting ahead of the development roadmap, but we usually forgive him when that happens.
Rok Komatar, Full stack developer at Morningscore
Rok Komatar
Rok is our full stack developer. Rok made his first website when he was 10 years old. He then went on to become a skilled computer software engineer by day and a guitar-playing slackliner by night. Or is it the other way around ...?
Purzel, office dog at Morningscore
Purzel is the official office dog. Her 11 years of age allows her seniority privileges like not having to go on walks in the rain and being picky with food, but she still runs like a puppy and has no trouble keeping up with skateboarders. Her primary responsibility is to spread joy around the office, and she won colleague of the month more than once.

Katrine, co-founder of Derma Space

"Our customers tell us they chose us because of our high ranking on Google, so we definitely got great results with this tool." - Katrine Vernegaard, Derma Space

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Katrine Vernegaard, co-founder of Derma Space and happy user of Morningscore


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