About us

What is Morningscore?

Since the first launch in 2018, Morningscore has been helping marketing managers across the world make sense of SEO and grow their businesses online.

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Our history

SEO used to be known as an obscure marketing tactic too complex to make sense of for non-experts.

But we believe that basic SEO should be manageable for anyone, no matter their level of experience and expertise.

Some industry experts still maintain that even basic stuff should be left to specialists, which can sometimes lead to a skewed dynamic with small businesses overpaying for SEO services that they could actually learn to manage themselves. And with experts doing all the work, those small business owners are left still in the dark about what constitutes good, valuable SEO.

When we realized that all the existing SEO tools were catering to industry experts and dedicated SEO specialists, we wanted to help change that skewed dynamic and empower small businesses to succeed.

“There should be an easier way to make sense of SEO!”, we thought - and then we created Morningscore.

Layer 1
Layer 1
Sep 2017
Prototype Ready
No funding
Nov 2017
1 Mil DKK Funding Secured
Helge Munk becomes investor
Feb 2018
Version 1.0
Feb 2019
Version 2.0
Dec 2019
4 New Hires
Mar 2020
+700 Customers
Jan 2021
6 New Hires
Oct 2021
Version 3.0
Layer 1
Meet the team

Team Morningscore

Karsten madsen - CEO of Morningscore

Karsten Madsen

Amsterdam, Netherlands
[email protected]
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Bjarne Bonde - CTO of Morningscore

Bjarne Bonde

Odense, Denmark
[email protected]
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Louise Ea Belling Kraneled

Louise Ea Belling Kraneled

Head of Operations
Odense, Denmark
[email protected]
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Eric Johnson

Partner Manager
Odense, Denmark
[email protected]
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Amalie Ibsen Christensen

Amalie Ibsen Christensen

Digital Brand & UX Designer
Odense, Denmark
[email protected]
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Christian Aalykke

Christian Aalykke

Head of Customer Success
Odense, Denmark
[email protected]
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Lukas Rasmussen

Lukas Rasmussen

Customer Support
Odense, Denmark
[email protected]
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Klemen Pevec

Klemen Pevec

Front-end developer
Ljubljana, Slovenia
[email protected]
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Rok Komatar, Full stack developer at Morningscore

Rok Komatar

Full stack developer
Odense, Denmark
[email protected]
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We help #MakeSenseOfSEO

Ranking high on Google

"Our customers tell us they chose us because of our high ranking on Google, so we definitely got great results with this tool."

- Katrine Vernegaard, Derma Space

Mentions in the press and other media

Morningscore media coverage

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Let's hear it from the customers

What the users say about us

We like to keep things simple, and so do our customers. Here's what the users have to say about Morningscore.

5 out of 5 stars

“Morningscore gives me that vital view of our rankings on search engines, and I can see up-to-date information on how we're performing against our competitors and whether we're gaining or losing traction. I also find the tool very easy to use. It just works.”

patrick qureshi salary.dk
Patrick Qureshi
CMO, Salary.dk
5 out of 5 stars

“The tool is very affordable, but at the same time it's both complete and easy to use. My favorite part is that it's actually more than just a tool - it's rather a comprehensive, complete suite.”

carlos tiscar
Carlos Tiscar
Co-founder, EC Shops
5 out of 5 stars

“A truly usable and effective SEO tool without many disruptive elements. This means that I can actually use the tool for something specific that gives our business value.”

heidi kirstein seo tool review
Heidi Kerstein
Marketing coordinator, Fitness Engros A/S
5 out of 5 stars

“I’ve used Morningscore since the beginning of my company. I tried many tools, but my heart fell for Morningscore because it’s so easy to use - and because I work with many small businesses who MUST have the tool for me to help them.”

christina lund schmeltz
Christina Schmeltz
Owner, LS Marketing
5 out of 5 stars

“I use Morningscore because SEO is not my specialty, and I don’t want to spend time on it. I have an internal team who takes care of SEO, but I need to know the outcome of their work. With this tool, I can log in and see our performance from day to day.”

esben oesterby
Esben Østerby
Founder, Iværksætterhistorier
5 out of 5 stars

“I was looking for a tool to help my customers see exactly what we’re working on and what value it gives them. I’ve found that with Morningscore. I recommend the platform to anyone who needs to manage and improve their SEO.”

Trolle Hansen trolle reklame
Trolle Hansen
Owner, Trolle Reklame
5 out of 5 stars

“Three years ago I chose Morningscore because I was new to SEO and it was the easiest SEO tool to use. I'm still using Morningscore because it is regularly updated and becomes more powerful with every release. It's fun to use. Morningscore is such an integral part of my day. I check it before I check my email.”

sven recommends Morningscore's SEO tool
Sven Radavics
Founder, intribe.co
5 out of 5 stars

“If you are looking for a solid SEO tool with an awesome founder and an amazing support team, then look no further. Morningscore is definitely one of the best tools that I have on my arsenal.”

vinson lozano
Vinson Lozano
Agency owner, Konker Digital
5 out of 5 stars

“Morningscore is the easiest SEO tool I've ever seen and used – and I've tested so many of them. The charts and data may be comparable to those of competitors, but the fun part comes in when you make use of the many ways to play 'catch me if you can' with a competitor.”

rasmus schuebel kreativling morningscore review
Rasmus Schübel
Owner & Founder, kreativling