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6 grand Google conspiracy theories rated – are they true or false?

We put on our tinfoil hats and delved into our favorite conspiracy theories about Google. Here’s what we came up wi...

Learn More 15th January
2020 Year in review

This is the post where I look back at 2020 for our software startup Morningscore. 2020 was supposed to be our final ex...

Learn More 15th January
Does Changing WordPress Themes Affect Your SEO Rankings & Traffic

In every website's life cycle comes time for a change. Most of the time, we make small improvements here and there. But...

Learn More 13th January
Fixing Alt Tags Not Showing In WordPress In 2 Easy Steps

Ever wondered why even after you've inserted alt attributes to your images, WordPress still doesn't show them? This is...

Learn More 11th January
Why Is My Competitor Ranking Higher on Google and How Do I Outrank Them?

Simply put, your competitor outranks you because: they have better pages (AKA better OnPage SEO) they have more...

Learn More 7th January
How Readability Affects SEO: 10 Critical Factors That Rank Your Site

Whether you're writing a professional services page or running a hobby blog, you know that content helps you rank becaus...

Learn More 7th January


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