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see what your traffic is worth

Your Morningscore is the monthly clicks from Google to your website times the price you would pay for the clicks in Google AdWords -- a metric that is relatable to businesses.


analyze and track your competitors

Are you curious about how much your competitors' traffic is worth, what keywords they rank on, and how they overall compare to you? Add your competitors in the tool and find out!

report: keywords

check your keyword position

Add keywords you want to track and get relevant data such as searches per month, rank on Google, amount of traffic, CPC (Cost per click) and Morningscore. See which keywords you rank for, and how they compare to your competitors ranks on that specific keyword.

report: links

get an overview of your backlinks

Who links to you and who does not link to you anymore? Our tool can answer that! Your website is also given a Link Rank which is an indication of how you compare to every other website in the world based on how many strong links are pointing to your site.

report: health

fix site issues with our health tool

Get an overview of your on-page performance with our Google Guidelines SEO Health Check. Not just for techies! We've split the issues into 3 precise categories: basic ranking factors, technical factors and ideas for optimization. Click on the issue and a detailed guide will appear to help you out.

report: traffic

see your monthly organic traffic

See how much organic traffic you and your competitors get from Google every month, and how much traffic your competitors have on your keywords.


monitor your seo activities

Missions are tasks that you can complete in order to increase your SEO. Complete suggested missions or create your own missions. See the expected return on investment and an estimation of how difficult the missions are to complete. You can also add notes to the missions and in this way manage your SEO activities.


get suggestions and guides

Don't know where to start? Take a look at the mission proposals. Suggested missions are offered by the tool and can be added to your current missions. They include a difficulty rating and an expected return on investment. Need more help? Click on the info-icon by the mission you wish to complete and get a detailed guide.


    • Webshop Owner

      Running an e-commerce store? We know the struggle of having to deal with a million tasks every day. Let Morningscore take some of the pressure off of your shoulders! Get a quick overview and tips on what to improve to stay on top of your game, without wasting hours sorting through data.


      • Save time sorting through tons of data
      • Improved workflow with top-notch tips
      • Find competitors' low-hanging fruits
      • Take your rankings to the top


      And what an easier way to get valuable links and keywords than from your competitors?

    • Digital Agency

      We know how tedious reporting and monitoring can be when working with many clients. This is where Morningscore comes to help. Improve your workflow for existing clients and get quick estimations for new ones.


      • Easy, simple and beautiful reports
      • Showcase value upfront
      • Better task management with Missions
      • Estimate business value of new clients


      And let's be honest there, your clients will love you after they finally understand what "improving their SEO" actually means.

    • Digital Enterprise

      Which keywords/pages/links should I optimize? How do I optimize them? Is what I'm doing right? Imagine how easier your job would be if you had the answers -- without a fancy consultant by your side!


      • Step-by-step optimization guidance
      • Smart suggestions and explanations
      • More visibility with low-hanging fruits
      • Cross-reference competitor results


      Think you'll get stuck? Not an issue with our smart suggestions that guide you through every step of your SEO journey.

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