16. September, 2020

Link data is changing – all questions answered

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Karsten Madsen
Founder & CEO @ Morningscore.io
We are rolling out big changes to our link data from July 2020.

We have decided to switch link data supplier.

Our current supplier has been beaten in tests on amount and precision of links for websites by our new supplier Moz.

What does that mean for you?

  • Link Rank will be replaced by our own Linkscore.
  • All Links will have changes
  • Link Rank Missions will be removed. Linkscore missions will be added.

Common questions answered:

When will this change happen?

It will roll out starting July 2020. Exact dates cannot be given, because we need to make sure everything is smooth for everyone. So that means no guarantees.

How come Moz suddenly has better link data?

This did not happen overnight. For many years Moz was behind on link data. A lot changed in the last 2 years. Today, when you compare the big respected players (Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz) on a ton of websites (we tested several thousand globally) Moz has suprisingly better data than for example Ahrefs.

This is measured by a bigger amount of links but also by how fresh and accurate this link data is. Be aware that this is not by a huge margin. And even more importantly: Every website case is different. Sometimes Moz has 2x the amount of links, and Sometimes Ahrefs the opposite.

So in that sense it is fair to say:
“Moz has the least bad link data compared to Ahrefs and Majestic”.

And of course you can measure things in different ways, and get to the opposite conclusion. Link data is a religion in the end, and we believe Moz is better and that we have the data to prove that. But others will focus on other data and claim the opposite.

What will happen with my old link data?

It will no longer be available by July 2020 or later when we go live with Moz. So if you want it exported, please go to “All Links”. At the right bottom you can click “Export to CSV” to get all your links in a spreadsheet like Excel.

What is this new Linkscore?

It will be explained in detail later. It will replace Link Rank and is our own substitute. We had a lot of complaints about the Link Rank on our chat, and we agree. The Link Rank was way too random in how it increased and decreased. So we have created our own algorithm based on Moz link data, that we are testing in June/July 2020.

We think this will be a better metric. And a metric you can trust, since we will be transparent about how it is calculated.


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