14. April, 2021

Changes coming in version 3

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Karsten Madsen
Co-founder & CEO @ Morningscore.io

Morningscore version 3 is a big change. Apart from redesigning the whole tool and engine behind it, we change our payment system and introduce new plans as you can see below.

Why version 3 is exciting

🔥 Bigger investment in you
We have helped a lot of customers grow by giving concrete advice through our chat.
We are scaling this up big time! An online academy is coming.
Version 3.0 is not only about the tool, it’s also us upping our game and investing in you!

💎 Rocket polished
The user experience has improved a lot. Version 3 will feel like a fresh new tool, while still having everything you know. Check out the design here*
*This is with demo data. You can click around.

📊 New cockpit
The frontpage is all new. It has become a dashboard with highlights from all parts of the tool.

🚀 Big missions upgrade
Missions follow you everywhere in the tool now. The guides are getting a big upgrade. And you can now see your historical progress.

🏆 A ranking system
A fun 10 levels ranking system, where you grow in rank and build your space city by completing missions.

New pricing plans

Below you can see our new version 3 pricing plans.

Why this change?
We have changed our pricing plans for 3 main reasons:

  1. Based on your feedback we changed the amount of keywords and websites in each plan.
  2. In version 3 you get awesome new features, which will require more quality data (which is not cheap for us).
  3. Fully customize your plan based on features you want. With Version 3 we offer full flexibility to build your own plan. Exciting!

New pricing plans in Morningscore
This is a glimpse of our new pricing plans.


Biggest changes
💳 New payment system We will ask all of our customers to set up payment via Stripe
👽 Competitors = 0,5 websites With the new plans, competitors will count as 0,5 websites
🧑‍🤝‍🧑 More users As you can see in the plans above, you will get more users
🏷️ More keywords All plans have more keywords than in the old plans
📦 Feature based pricing We give you the power to fully customize your plan


How do I switch from my current plan?

  • To get Version 3, you will need to migrate to one of our new plans.
  • You are not forced to upgrade to version 3. Then you will stay on version 2.
  • Version 2 will have an end-of-life in 2021 (date to be determined) and limited support.

Migration will be simple. You will get a notice on mail and in the tool. We can also migrate for you and are of course ready to answer all questions. All data and benefits (like pioneer discount) will be safely migrated.

When will this all happen?

The new plans will be introduced together with the release of Version 3 in spring 2021
Expected timeline of events:

march 2021   |    Release of Version 3 BETA for testing
April 2021     |    We will contact you to answer your questions and help migrate
May 2021       |    Version 3 will go LIVE



Question Answers
What if I bought a yearly license? We will upgrade you to a higher plan for the remainder of your current license period. Example: If you Bought LITE yearly we will upgrade you to Proffessional yearly.
Where is the STARTER plan? This plan will no longer be available. We added a new $5/mo “Basic Access” plan to replace it.
Can I keep my STARTER plan? Not in Version 3. You can build a customized plan that gives you similar features at a similar price
What if I have a discount? It follows you to Version 3 plans.
Can I still cancel my subscription any time? Yes, with Version 3 plans it’s still super easy to cancel a subscription in the settings of the tool or by contacting us.
Will the pricing/plans change again? There are no plans for that. Version 3 is very much us maturing into a foundation to build upon many years from now.
Will you help with the switch? The switch can be done through our tool in most cases. But of course we are here to help by phone, chat and email 🙂

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