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Morningscore helps you grow your business by providing a fun & easy-to-use tool to get you to the top of Googles rankings.

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Morningscore gives decisionmakers a clear and simple overview of their SEO performance.

It tells you the precise monetary value of your SEO effort on a monthly basis - and whether or not the investment in SEO makes sense. Comparing this to your competitors gives you a clear idea of your SEO market share and how your perform.

No downloads or installations required.

Who is Morningscore for?
Morningscore is made for all decision makers within digital marketing regardless of current SEO know-how.

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    Track your ROI and progress on SEO, and see exactly what your traffic from Google is worth with our new SEO platform. Morningscore is a new tool made for business leaders and managers which includes unique features allowing you to monitor all of your SEO data in one place. Try Morningscore today and see exactly what your and competitors' SEO traffic is worth in any currency.

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    Got an agency working on your SEO? Or maybe an internal team? Monitoring all of the changes can sometimes be difficult. To save the day, our SEO Tool allows you to track the progress on your SEO -- with no integrations whatsoever! You can not only see the changes on your SEO but also get a price estimation for the efforts put into it. Additionally, the simple interface saves you time and effort, making it the perfect tool for managing your campaigns.

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    Looking for a tool to carry out your competitors' SEO analysis? With Morningscore you can analyze and track your competitors' SEO in just a few clicks. Compare your and competitors' keyword rankings, analyze your competition's backlinks and see their SEO progress -- in just a few clicks. Do faster and better competitor SEO research with Morningscore -- the only tool that tracks and estimates the progress and time invested in SEO.

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    With our SEO tool you can see all of the keywords you rank for and track their position changes. See all of your and competitors' keywords and track them with great precision. Compare your keyword positions for as far back as you want with our unlimited historical data. The best part? All of your keyword rankings get updated every day. And as a neat bonus, Morningscore also tracks your brand visibility keywords.

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    Is your website underperforming because of technical errors? Now it's easier than ever to find that out -- with Morningscore's website audit tool. Get a simple on-page optimization audit and fix errors that might be holding you back. Audit your website and see if you live up to Google Health Check's standards for optimal performance. Morningscore's quick and simple SEO site auditor allows you to identify common SEO errors in a matter of minutes.

  • backlink checker morningscore seo backlink analysis tool


    Want a complete overview of your links? Morningscore's backlink tool enables you to track all links to your website in a simple and easy-to-use interface. Check your backlinks and the effects they play on your SEO efforts. Our data suppliers scan the web daily in order to show you the full backlink profile for your website. Whether it's dofollow or nofollow, you'll never miss an inbound link again with our daily updates.

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  • 2000 Keywords
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Need a smaller plan? The STARTER plan gives you the basics for a small fee of $25 per month and includes 20 keywords and 2 websites.

Don't only take our word for it

Read what our customers have to say about using Morningscore. The simple approach to SEO is something they all appreciate.

Rasmus S
Designer, Ssupers
Morningscore is indeed the easiest SEO tool I've seen, and I've tested so many of them.
Eric Frederiksen
CEO, Compware
Super lightweight SEO tool. It is the perfect tool for us, because it gives the overview of our SEO without needing to get into the details.
Heidi Kerstein
Marketing Coordinator, Fitness Engros A/S
A truly usable and effective SEO tool without many disruptive elements. This means that I can actually use the tool for something specific that gives our business value!
Vinson Lozano
Agency Owner, Konker Digital
If you are looking for a solid SEO tool with awesome founder and amazing support team, then look no further, Morningscore is definitely one of the best tools that I have on my arsenal.
Asger Storebjerg
Author, SEO SEM specialisten
Morningscore is a valuable SEO tool that quantifies the value of each keyword's ranking. The daily update of my 'Morningscore' makes the effect of my work measurable.
Casper Kraken
Managing Director, Bureau Kraken
If you want to launch a first-time project by managing your own SEO internally, I would definitely recommend Morningscore, as everyone will be able to participate through precise explanations in a language everyone can understand.

SEO tool that saves time and money

Morningscore is for those looking for a complete but simplified SEO tool.
The software offers brand new features like value of SEO, missions and activities.
Besides that, our platform offers all the standard SEO features such as keyword rank tracker, backlink checker and onsite crawler.
And all of it is done with the purpose of making SEO easy for you.

  • morningscore seo performance analytics tool
    SEO Analytics Tool
  • backlink checker morningscore seo linkbuilding tool
    Backlink Checker
  • rank tracker morningscore seo keyword positions tool
    Keyword Rank Tracker
  • onsite crawler tool morningscore seo audit software new web crawler and seo site audit tool link crawler tool and on-page software
    Onsite Crawler Tool
  • seo ranking tool morningscore keyword positions
    SEO Traffic Value
Website traffic
Keyword name
Mothers day gift ideas 38100 187
Flowers 33100 1715
Bouquet 12100 926
Roses 5400 926
Send flowers 2900 352
Wedding bouquet 1900 230
View all
32 /hours
  • 3 new pages 1 hour ago
  • 12 new links to your website 2 hour ago
  • 21 new meta title tags 3 hour ago
  • 3 new pages 1 hour ago
  • 12 new links to your website 2 hour ago
  • 21 new meta title tags 3 hour ago
  • 3 new pages 1 hour ago
  • 12 new links to your website 2 hour ago
  • 21 new meta title tags 3 hour ago
Find out what your traffic is worth in $

To give you such insights, we use Google Ads data combined with the visibility of your keywords

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What does Morningscore stand for?

Morningscore is the value of your SEO. We calculate it by looking at how your keywords are performing on Google.

Search VolumeRank = Organic Traffic * CPC = Morningscore

Your Morningscore is basically the amount of money that you would be using on your traffic through Google Ads.

How often do you update the data?

We update all your keywords every day. To be able to do that we have multiple data partners.

Your links also get updated once every 24 hours where our data supplier is Ahrefs.

Why is the spaceman still looking for my data? How long will this take?

Once you added your domain(s) we normally crawl it in under 5 minutes.

In some special cases with larger websites, however, it can take our crawler up to a few hours to fetch your data.

How do website credits work? Does a competitor count as a domain?

Yes, they also count as 1 website credit.

For example, if you set up 3 main websites with 1 competitor for each website that is a total of 6 domain credits.

How do I track my website in multiple locations/markets?

Click on your domain in the menu and add the same domain multiple times, but choose a different location every time you add it.

You are now able to track it for these markets too.

Do you crawl only Google? Can I add URLs/SoMe profiles?

The way Morningscore is designed is that it can only crawl domains that appear in Google -- for example

Since your personal Social Media Profile is not a domain, but a URL, Morningscore won't be able to crawl it.

And as mentioned above, we currently support only Google as the search engine.

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