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Are your pages on Google? If you have tagged a page as "noindex", then it won't show up on Google searches. See what pages are tagged with our noindex tag checker.

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Why use Morningscore's noindex tag checker?

Noindex tags are very useful for pages you might not want to be saved on Google, but if you have accidentally noindexed a page you want to rank, it will be a big problem for your SEO.

Make sure your pages appear on Google

If you have a page you want to rank on Google, then it's important to make sure it's indexed properly. The first step here is making sure it's not noindexed.

Hide the pages you don't want to rank

There are some pages that you won't want to rank on Google. This can be pages like login pages, test pages or redirects. Ensure they are noindexed with the noindex tag checker.

Get an easy SEO overview

You can see more than just your noindexed pages on Morningscore. See everything from health problems to keyword data. Get all the SEO data you'll need with Morningscore.

Find out if the your right pages are ranking on Google

Use the noindex tag checker in just 6 steps

First enter your website in the text field above
Enter your email address in the text field
Go to "health" then "Landing pages"
Click scan, and then the moon icon
Switch from "All" to "Disallowed"
See a list of your noindexed pages
Enter you website to use Morningscore's nonindex tag checker
Are your noindex tags applied correct?

The noindex tag tracker shows your tagged pages.

Noindex tags are a very important and valuable tool when building a website, but if they are applied wrong it can be a huge problem for your SEO. If you have a page that you don't want to be accessed from Google, like a login page or a backend page, then noindexing is a great way to make sure it doesn't appear on any search engines.

By choosing to noindex a page it won't be indexed and shown by any search engines. A noindex tag on a page you want to rank with is a huge problem, as all the work you put into the SEO aspect of the page will go to waste.

Because of this it's very important to keep a track on which pages are noindexed, but this can be easier said than done, most website can have many noindexed pages. Morningscore's noindex tag tracker shows you a list of what pages are tagged as noindex. If you want to find a specifc page, the noindex tag tracker makes it easy, with it's built in search function.


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Do you want to know more about Morningscore's noindex tag checker?

A noindex tag is a tag you can apply to certain pages on your website. Applying the noindex tag essentially serves as a indicator to search engines, saying that you do not want them to show the specific page in their search results.

This can be a very useful function when used right, but also be very bad for your SEO if used on the wrong page. Because of this, using Morningscore's noindex tag tracker is a great way to make sure you haven't accidentally indexed the wrong pages.

Noindex tags can be useful in a huge variety of different cases, when you have a page you aren't interested in being accessible from Google.

One example of this can be a payment page if you have a webshop. Your page might have a backend controlling various elements of the site, that you don't want to be accessible to everyone through Google. Another kind of page that can benefit from a noindex tag could be promotional pages, that are only meant to be accessed a specific way, like through an affiliate link.

By using Morningscore's noindex tag checker, you can see a list of the pages with a noindex tag. This is very useful for making sure that you are marking the right pages as noindex, and not putting any noindex tags on the wrong pages. If you want to know whether a specific page is noindexed or not, then you can search for the specific page by using the search field located in the noindex tag tracker.

If your page is marked as noindex, this is usually done through the tool you used to create your website. These tools often have an option to mark a page as noindex on the editor for that specific page. If you have a page that has been marked as noindex, then you will often be able to change that through that page editor.

If you have found a page registered as noindex using the noindex tag checker and then removed the noindex tag, then you will be able to index it again. Google regularly scans the web for new pages to index, but if a page has already been registered as noindex it makes it less likely that Google will try to index it on it's own again.

Because of this you will have to manually ask Google to index your page. You can do this using Google Search Console. Here you can enter the specific page you want to index and then request an indexation from Google.

Noindex tags and nofollow tags are often confused with each other even though they are quite different from each other. As has already been covered in this article, noindex tags prevents the page it is placed on from being indexed by search engines.

Instead of being placed on specific pages, nofollow links are instead placed on specific links. When a link is marked with a nofollow tag, the value it would normally provide to the page the link leads to is greatly reduced, making it's overall value a lot less.

The noindex tag checker gives you a list of the different pages that has been tagged as noindex by our crawlers, scanning the page. Aside from the list of pages the noindex tager checker also gives you a the last date the page was scanned by Morningscore, allowing you to giving you an idea of when it was marked as noindex.

The noindex tag checker is part of the health section in Morningscore. This means that it is updated along with all of your other health data every time a health scan is conducted in Morningscore. You can either set an interval for how often you want your page to be scanned regularly or scan your whole page manually by clicking on the "Scan" button.

Who is Morningscore?

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