🚀 Roadmap – The Journey To Infinity And Beyond

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v2.0 Space Doctor

Release-date: January 2019

Great news! Our scientists were able to combat the leading cause of the well-known SEO-Penalty virus. The analysis shows the virus has likely originated from either penguins, pandas, pigeons, or hummingbirds.

What becomes available:

  • Website performance comparison to Google’s guidelines
  • Complete Health Check (onsite SEO audit) for your website
  • Prioritized to-do lists.
  • Page-specific suggestions for higher Morningscore
SEO tool core update

v2.1 Core Update

Release-date: February 2019

You might not see it on the outside, but a lot of heavy engineering is taking place at our workshop to improve the heavy data bits. The captain is confused but he has been promised new insights that quite excite him.

What becomes available:

  • Adding new website: Get data within 3 minutes
  • Easy overview of new and lost keywords
  • See exactly what caused your Morningscore to change
  • Faster data on new keywords on your websites
SEO tool core update
seo to do tool

v2.2 More Missions

Release-date: March 2019

A true SEOnaut is always on a mission! After months of searching we finally found it! The crew is excited to grow our freshly founded settlement on planet SERP.

What becomes available:

  • Link missions
  • Onsite missions
  • Morningscore missions
  • Add your own notes to missions
seo to do tool
data boost - seo tool 2019

v2.3 Data Boost

Release-date: Q2 2019

Since we landed on planet SERP it has come to our attention that our antennas could use a boost. We are bringing stuff to our ship that no one else in the galaxy has their hands on. Excited!

What becomes available:

  • Scan for new links with 100% accuracy
  • See where pages are linking from (backlinks)
  • Better keyword research
  • See who ranks in top-20 on any keyword
  • More competitor comparison options
data boost - seo tool 2019

v2.4 The Jump To Hyperspace

Release-date: Q2 2019

After several months of development, our Dyson sphere is finally completed. The high amounts of energy we now generate allow our most powerful scanners to run a detailed inspection of our spaceship.

What becomes available:

  • Complete SEO activity overview
  • Important changes are highlighted
  • Example: You lost a strong link to your website
  • Example #2: Your Morningscore increased with 10% because of…

v2.5 Mission Control

Release-date: Q3 2019

The captain has a new morning routine. He checks all the reports for key metrics to make sure we are not steering towards asteroids or other spaceships. That’s when our space intern asked “shouldn’t we make a custom dashboard with the critical things you check every morning?”.

What becomes available:

  • A new section in the tool: Dashboard to check your overall progress
  • Compares data with a previous period (e.g. last month)
  • Highlights Morningscore, keywords, links, onsite, activities and mission in 1 view

v2.6 Competitor Satellite

Release-date: Q3 2019

Several unknown spaceships have been spotted up here. It looks like they are trying to reach Mars before us. Luckily we have been promised data from a new satellite so we will know their every move very soon…

What becomes available:

  • More data on competitors
  • Are competitors taking market share from you?
  • What are they working on? (includes keywords, links, onsite)
  • New competitors are suggested based on this data

v2.7 Galactic Report

Release-date: Q4 2019

The central space station wants to know more about our progress on a running basis. Our current reports won’t cut it so now the entire team is laser-focused on this task.

What becomes available:

  • Fully customize reports (including white-label)
  • choose between web, email, Excel or PDF reports

To Infinity And Beyond