Roadmap – The Journey To Infinity And Beyond

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v1.0 First Launch

Release-date: February 22nd

Please, fasten your seatbelt. The initial launch focuses on delivering the most critical features required for takeoff. Alright, our clock has finally hit T-0. Engine thrust is nominal…

What becomes available:

  • Ability to estimate your and your competitors’ Morningscore
  • Access to the Keyword Rank Tracker & Top 10 Suggestions tools
morningscore seo tool with backlinks graph

v1.1 Spacy Links

Release-date: March 19th

Shortly after launch, the crew announces the news! We’re now on a trajectory towards Planet SEO-01. In “Spacy Links”, you can expect to see a good overview related to the backlinks incoming to your website.

What becomes available:

  • Overview of the total backlink profile
  • Effect of incoming links on your SEO
morningscore seo tool with backlinks graph
morningscore galactic support for seo tool

v1.2 Galactic Support

Release-date: April 2nd

As we expand our fleet, we expect to see SEOnauts from every corner of the Universe. Oh, wait, hold on. I’ve finally reached the Galactic Support Center. I’ll call you right back…

What becomes available:

  • Support for all countries (List TBA)
  • Multiple domain tracking under a single account
morningscore galactic support for seo tool
spacy links plus update for morningscore app

v1.3 Spacy Links+

Release-date: April 17th

“Spacy Links” is back with an upgraded “Plus” version, allowing you to explore more in-depth link metrics. Now you can indulge yourself in charts and graphs.

What becomes available:

  • Link value calculations & graphs
  • Competitor comparison tables
spacy links plus update for morningscore app
activities tab morningscore seo

v1.4 Space Investors

Release-date: May 1st

Our spaceship continues its journey searching for keywords and links in deep space. We’ve established contact with many SEOnauts already and they are ready to work on new strategies for deep space exploration.

What becomes available:

  • SEO plan of action feature
  • Calculations for prioritizing activities
activities tab morningscore seo
monthly reports morningscore

v1.5 Interstellar Report

Release-date: May 8th

Our team has found a tesseract created by a higher-dimensional civilization. The researchers have deciphered the mystical object and are able to inspect all activities that have happened in the past 30 days.

What becomes available:

  • Inspect all SEO activities with detailed reports.
monthly reports morningscore

v1.6 Universal Scores

Release-date: May 23rd

It’s that time of the galactic year again. The Summer Universal Games are here, where every civilization sends their best performers. Fortunately, with the help of our engineers, we can now read the blueprints of other advanced nations, and get a competitive edge by exploring the latest technologies.

What becomes available:

  • Look up metrics for any website (Not limited to 3 competitors)
onsite suggestions for the morningscore app

v1.7 Space Doctor

Release-date: June 6th

Great news! Our scientists were able to combat the leading cause of the well-known SEO-Penalty virus. The analysis shows the virus has likely originated from either penguins, pandas, pigeons, or hummingbirds. Doctors from all around the universe are working overtime to ensure everyone gets a complete health check following tight guidelines.

What becomes available:

  • Website performance comparison to Google’s guidelines
  • Complete Health Check for your website
onsite suggestions for the morningscore app

v1.8 A New Hope

Release-date: June 20th

If you missed the Late Night Space show last night, the Head of R&D announced that we’re reaching maximum capacity soon. It’s likely we’ll have to expand our ship so our progress doesn’t stagnate. After the meeting this morning, the architects and engineers have laid out a new detailed plan of action. The analysts were also able to calculate our growth and ROI form the new project. We’re still to see what the Capitan has to say… After all, it’s his investment…

What becomes available:

  • Updated “Plan of Action” feature
  • Get Detailed SEO investment suggestions
space doctor plus update for morningscore onsite reports

v1.9 Space Doctor+

Release-date: July 4th

Breaking! The Martian Research team has just confirmed they have developed a new technology able to inspect all organic matters and come up with upgrade suggestions for their molecular structure. The research comes shortly after a Martian teenager discovered a new subatomic particle last month while on a field trip to Proxima Centauri b, one of the planets in the Alpha Centauri star system.

What becomes available:

  • Ultimate On-Site SEO Audit
  • Page-specific suggestions for higher Morningscore
space doctor plus update for morningscore onsite reports

v2.0 The Jump To Hyperspace

Release-date: August 22nd

After several months of development, our Dyson sphere is finally completed. The high amounts of energy we now generate allow our most powerful scanners to run a detailed inspection of our spaceship. Fortunately, the timing is right and the resource comes handy considering our plans for world domination. We will keep you updat… BROADCAST SIGNAL LOST! PLEASE REMAIN SEATED!

What becomes available:

  • Complete SEO activity overview
  • Choose between simplified or detailed reports

To Infinity And Beyond