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v3.0 Fresh Cockpit

Release date: September 2021

Oh boy, is this a big one! We are launching a complete redesign to make SEO even easier. The update includes an awesome remodeling of the cockpit, and a thorough update of the technology behind it.

  • Awesome new visual design
  • Brand new tool dashboard
  • Lots of new helpful features


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v3.1 Spacecraft Calibration

Release date: November 2021

After the huge release of Morningscore version 3, our guys at Mission Control have set aside time to take in feedback, fix any bugs, and go even deeper to further refine our data quality.

  • Version 3 optimizations
  • Refinement of data quality
  • Bug fixes and adjustments
  • More link data (backlinks, anchors and more)
data boost - seo tool 2019

v3.2 Galactic Doctor

Release date: Q4 2021

We’re raising the bar with an extra empowering health tool strong enough to reach every corner of our galaxy. This update includes a new arsenal of website testing equipment for you.

  • Powerful health tool update
  • A handful of new health checks

v3.3 Mission Control

Release date: Q1 2022

We plan to make our missions feature even better with new Pagescore missions, better ways to organize projects, an option to filter keywords by landing page, and an update to our mission algorithm.

  • More mission types
  • Group missions (by landing page for example)
  • Improved missions algorithm
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v3.4 Space Investors

Release date: Q2 2022

Ever wondered how to evaluate if every investment in SEO is worth the effort – or just how to estimate the workload of a particular SEO task? Yeah, so have we. With this update, you’ll get answers.

  • Mission profit estimates
  • Task workload estimates
  • Quick keyword comparison
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v.3.5 Space Business

Release date: Q3 2022

So, let’s talk business … You know: The money talk. If you want to know exactly where you stand with new SEO investments and what to expect in terms of return on investment, this update is for you.

  • New growth report option
  • Overview of SEO potential
  • Easy and actinable to do-lists
  • Edit Morningscore keywords (remove from list for example)

v3.6 Radar Inspection

Release date: Q4 2022

After several months of development, our radar update is finally completed. The high amounts of energy we now  allow our most powerful scanners to run a detailed inspection of our spaceship.

  • Complete SEO activity overview
  • Hightligt of important changes
  • SMS alerts for service interruptions

v3.7 Competitor Satellite

Release date: Q1 2023

Your competitors might be working hard to secure their positions at the top of the search results – but with this update you will get even more competitor insights and stay one step ahead.

  • Even deeper competitor insights
  • Modifying filters for your market
  • Intelligent competitor suggestions

v3.8 GSC Integration

Release date: Q2 2023

We know that Google Search Console is a popular tool among our users, so we’re planning for a integration with Morningscore to take our data from awesome to almost perfect.

  • Google Search Console integration
super serp release

v3.9 Super SERP

Release date: Q3 2023

Our SEOnauts have a lot of smart tools to keep their data accurate and reliable – and we want to integrate those tools so you can make the most of your work with Morningscore.

  • Keyword SERP explorer
super serp release

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