Roadmap – The Complete Journey To Infinity And Beyond

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v1.0 First Launch

Release-date: February 22nd 2018

Please, fasten your seatbelt. The initial launch focuses on delivering the most critical features required for takeoff. Alright, our clock has finally hit T-0. Engine thrust is nominal…

What becomes available:

  • Ability to estimate your and your competitors’ Morningscore
  • Access to the Keyword Rank Tracker & Top 10 Suggestions tools

v1.1 Spacy Links

Release-date: April 5th 2018

Shortly after launch, the crew announces the news! We’re now on a trajectory towards Planet SEO-01. In “Spacy Links”, you can expect to see a good overview related to the backlinks incoming to your website.

What becomes available:

  • Overview of backlinks
  • New and lost links to your website
  • Multiple domains under a single account

v1.2 Galactic Support

Release-date: April 24th 2018

As we expand our fleet, we expect to see SEOnauts from every corner of the Universe. Oh, wait, hold on. I’ve finally reached the Galactic Support Center. I’ll call you right back…

What becomes available:

  • Support for all countries (List TBA)

v.1.3 More Math

Release-date: June 4th 2018

After the meeting this morning, the architects and engineers found out that the Capitan needs to see more data to safely control the mission. Now all the ship logs are available for the whole crew.

What becomes available:

  • “Show me the math” on competitor’s Morningscore
  • “Show me the math” on SEO traffic (including competitors)
  • “Show me the math” on SEO traffic potential (including competitors)

v1.4 Shiny New Spaceship

Release-date: August 3rd 2018

Everybody onboard knows it; Our spaceship has become a bit outdated and rusty. The captain has ordered a facelift of the entire craft and this time around it is being crafted with the upmost care and precision.

What becomes available:

  • Updated design
  • 100% tablet and mobile friendly experience
  • Add up to 5 competitors per website (instead of only 3)

v1.5 Spacy Links+

Release-date: August 3rd 2018

“Spacy Links” is back with an upgraded “Plus” version, allowing you to explore more in-depth link metrics. Now you can indulge yourself in charts and more specific data.

What becomes available:

  • Link graph
  • Competitor comparison in graph

v1.6 Space Mission

Release-date: September 12th 2018

Our spaceship continues its journey searching for keywords and links in deep space. We’ve established contact with many SEOnauts already and they are ready to work on new strategies for deep space exploration.

What becomes available:

  • Get investment suggestions
  • Complete missions to increase Morningscore, keywords and links (like a to-do list)
  • Keep track of completed missions
Update based on SEOnaut feedback

v1.7 We asked our SEOnauts

Release-date: October 3rd 2018

The captain took the time to ask all of our 3500+ SEOnauts, what they wanted from the tool. We shortlisted the most popular requests and made this plan for you (we will keep on asking you for help):

What becomes available:

  • Click on a keyword to get historic rank graph and data
  • Show more than 10 keywords per row (up to 250)
  • Show landing page for keyword
  • Add up to 10 competitors per website (instead of only 5)
  • Performance optimizations
Update based on SEOnaut feedback
Interstellar report update

v1.8 Interstellar Report

Release-date: October 31th 2018

Our team has found a tesseract created by a higher-dimensional civilization. The researchers have deciphered the mystical object and are able to inspect all activities that have happened in the past 30 days.

What becomes available:

  • Weekly and/or monthly E-mail reports comparing your progress
  • Insert your own logo (white-label)
  • Customize who receives these reports
  • Multi-user functionality v1
Interstellar report update

v1.9 Space Doctor

Release-date: November 20th 2018

Great news! Our scientists were able to combat the leading cause of the well-known SEO-Penalty virus. The analysis shows the virus has likely originated from either penguins, pandas, pigeons, or hummingbirds.

What becomes available:

  • Website performance comparison to Google’s guidelines
  • Complete Health Check (onsite SEO audit) for your website
  • Prioritized to-do lists.
  • Page-specific suggestions for higher Morningscore
Jump to hyperspace update

v2.0 The Jump To Hyperspace

Release-date: January 19th 2019

After several months of development, our Dyson sphere is finally completed. The high amounts of energy we now generate allow our most powerful scanners to run a detailed inspection of our spaceship.
What becomes available:

  • Complete SEO activity overview
  • Important changes are highlighted
  • Example: You lost a strong link to your website
  • Example #2: Your Morningscore increased with 10% because of…
  • Bonus: Spreadsheet (Excel) export of data
Jump to hyperspace update

2.1 Competitor satellite

Release-date: February 28th 2019

Several unknown spaceships have been spotted up here. It looks like they are trying to reach Mars before us. Luckily we have been promised data from a new satellite so we will know their every move very soon…

What becomes available:

  • More data on competitors
  • Are competitors taking market share from you?
  • What are they working on? (includes keywords, links, onsite)
  • New competitors are suggested based on this data

2.2 Galactic report

Release-date: April 8th 2019

The central space station wants to know more about our progress on a running basis. Our current reports won’t cut it so now the entire team is laser-focused on this task.

What becomes available:

  • Fully customize reports (including white-label)
  • choose between web, email, Excel or PDF reports

To Infinity And Beyond