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Verdiene bis zu 40% Provision für jeden neuen angeworbenen Kunden.

Unser Ziel ist es strategische und langanhaltende Kooperationen zu schaffen. Daher erhältst du während der gesamten Laufzeit deiner angeworbenen Kunden, monatliche und wiederkehrende Einnahmen.

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Wie funktioniert es?

Du erhältst einen exklusiven Gutscheincode mit einem bestimmten Rabattbetrag, der im Vorfeld mit uns vereinbart wird. Wenn ein Morningscore-Kunde von dir weiterempfohlen wurde, wird er dazu angewiesen, den Gutscheincode bei der Anmelung zu verwenden.

Für jede erfolgreiche Anmeldung mit deinem individuellen Gutscheincode erhälst du einen Provisionsbetrag. In den folgenden Tabellen findest du eine Übersicht der aktuellen Provisions-Pläne und Beträge.

Aber warte, es gibt noch mehr!

Du hast Kontrolle über deine eigene Provision. Mehr Umsatz oder mehr Rabatt? Deine Entscheidung.

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Wie viel kannst du verdienen?

Werbe Kunden mit einem monatlichen Plan an und verdiene einen Betrag von $ pro Monat.
Monatlicher Plan
Plan Preis Provision Gewinn
Starter $25.00 40% $10.00
Lite $49.00 40% $19.60
Business $79.00 30% $23.70
Pro $149.00 25% $37.25
Jährlicher Plan
Plan Preis Provision Gewinn
Starter $240.00 40% $96.00
Lite $470.00 40% $188.00
Business $759.00 30% $227.70
Pro $1,430.00 25% $357.50
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    1. Werde unser Partner

    Um ein Partner von Morningscore zu werden, musst du kein Marktführer sein. Es kommt eher darauf an, dass wir zueinander passen.


    Melde dich jetzt über das folgende Formular an und wir melden uns so schnell wie möglich bei dir.



  • refer customers to morningscore

    2. Kunden werben

    Du erhältst deine Provision, wenn sich ein neuer Kunde erfolgreich für Morningscore registriert und deinen exklusiven Gutscheincode verwendet hat.


    Auch wenn du eine Marketing-Agentur hast, die dein Morningscore-Konto verwaltet, kannst du trotzdem noch durch deinen individuellen Gutscheincode deine Provision erhalten.


    Werbematerial downloaden (888 Kb)


  • earn commission from referring customers to morningscore

    3. Verdiene deine Provision

    Du erhältst 40% Provision auf alle Starter und Lite Pläne, 30% auf alle Business Pläne und 25% auf alle Pro Pläne. Die Provisionssätze gelten für monatliche und jährliche Abonnements.


    Neben der Provision werden wir dich und deine Firma über unsere Marketingkanäle promoten!

Warum solltest du ein Partner von Morningscore werden?

Morningscore ist ein SEO-Tool, mit dem du deine SEO-Fortschritte nicht nur nachverfolgen, sondern auch aktive fördern kannst.

Morningscore erhöht die Transparenz und die Nachverfolgbarkeit deiner SEO-Maßnahmen und macht deine SEO-Erfolge für deine Kunden verständlich. Dadurch ist Morningscore insbesondere für Agenturen geeignet.

Wir wollen dir dabei helfen neue Märkte (SaaS) zu erschließen und deinen Kunden ausführliche und akkurate Daten zu bieten.

Hast du Fragen?

Du kannst mich gerne jeder Zeit kontaktieren

- Karsten Madsen, CEO

General FAQs (EN)

Do I have to be a Morningscore customer?

Technically no, but we always recommend that you at least experience the tool. That way you can ensure that you have a clear idea of what it does—and whether you truly like it.

Do I have to pay any fees?

No, being an affiliate has no fees attached to it. On our end, that applies to your payouts too. However, some payout systems like PayPal have certain fees attached to them.

Can I join if I’m already affiliated with your competitors?

Yes, additional affiliations pose absolutely no problems on our end. While we love evangelists of the tool, we are fully aware of the immense qualities of competing tools. In fact, we view a multifaceted insight into the world of SEO tools as an upside. Having extensive knowledge about tools will aid you in pairing customers with the right choice for them, which equates to lasting customer relations.

Are there any limitations? What should I be aware of?

Besides the couple limitations when it comes to specific promotional tactics - no.

Tracking FAQs (EN)

What is the attribution model that you use?

While we use referral-tracking based on cookies with a 180-days window, to make sure your sales get rightfully attributed to you, we moreover employ API tracking (with user ID instead of email ensuring precision) & coupon tracking (w/ or w/o a discount) systems. All free signups that come from you will be tracked and you can monitor any and all development in your FirstPromoter affiliate dashboard.

To ensure proper tracking, there are three layers embedded within our commission structure:

- referral links

- API tracking

- coupon codes

Referral links constitute an effective measure when it comes to tracking signups. However, since they work by using cookies (which are often THE source of problems in tracking), we’ve set up two more layers—API tracking and coupons—as a safety measure so that we can correctly attribute your signups.

API tracking means that every time someone signs up through your referral link, the system automatically marks that person as emanating from you. This means, that if they decide to buy—even past the 180-day cookie expiration date—you will still be attributed with a sale.

And to top that, if none of these methods have worked for you, you still have a coupon that you can offer to those of your users, who for some reason opted not to sign up through your affiliate links. In other words, if a customer signs up without using your referral link but uses your coupon, you will still trigger a sale.

What is the lifespan of the referral cookie you track?

The referral cookie we use has a lifespan of 180 days. However, if a customer triggers a sale (with or without using your coupon) past those 180 days, you will still be eligible for a commission because of the different tracking types explained above.

I helped someone sign up but they didn’t use my referral link/coupon. What can I do?

If you’re 100% sure that’s the case, please contact us on [email protected] or via the chat on the site (bottom-right corner). Make sure that you have all relevant information ready, so that we can ensure a speedy process and help you get the credit you surely deserve.

Comission FAQs (EN)

How does the commission system work?

The commission system is inextricably tied to the discounts provided through it. There are two types of discounts that dictate how big of a commission you are eligible for.

You can provide your followers with these two types of discounts:

- 0% customer discount

- 15% customer discount

Please refer to the Assets .zip file where you can find spreadsheets that will show you the exact discount/commission in each case and allow you to calculate and project your commissions.

What currencies does the tool work with?

We support 3 currencies in the tool – USD, EUR & DKK.

Do I get one-time payouts or is it a recurring commission? Can I choose between the two?

The commission you receive is a recurring one—meaning you will be rewarded after every billing period your clients have signed up for—as long as they remain paying customers.

Unfortunately, you cannot choose whether to receive a one-time payment (e.g. upfront) or a recurring commission because of the way our billing is structured. Say a customer demands a refund. We will then proceed to refund the amount appropriate for the remaining period of that customer’s subscription (e.g. the difference for the 10 days left of a monthly Business plan). Consequentially, your commission will be altered accordingly. However, you can decide when to receive a payout – e.g. bulk payout once every 3 months, as in preference of a smaller payout every month.

Can I sign up on behalf of my client using my own affiliate link?

Yes, but you have to be careful about self-referrals. Read below what types of self-referrals are prohibited. We recommend you either sign up from your clients’ computers (if possible) OR sign up your clients as usual (without a referral link) and send us an email with their sign-up email addresses to [email protected]

Who can sign up through my affiliate link? Can I sign up using my own referral link? Does self-referral matter?

Yes, self-referrals do matter—they are strictly prohibited. While you are able to sign up on behalf of your clients, there are instances in which we do not allow you to sign up through your own links. In such cases we do not pay out commissions and you might even get your account suspended. Through your affiliate link, you cannot:

- sign up yourself

- sign up your immediate family members

- sign up the company you work for

After all, the point of our affiliate program is to encourage you to spread the word about our tool—not just to provide you with a discount.

When will you pay out my commissions?

All commissions generated are being paid out every 30 days after the sale has occurred / after the billing period. The minimum payout amount is $20, in which case you will be payed once you have reached the minimum amount required, even if you’ve already reached the period for payouts.

How do I get paid? How do I get paid if I don’t have PayPal?

There are several ways in which you can receive your commission. Currently, the most effective one is using PayPal or Transferwise. If you are somehow prohibited from using PayPal, please contact us so we can ensure you your fair share the easiest way possible. Otherwise, we recommend Transferwise as their fees are way lower than those of Paypal.

Someone became a customer through my link/coupon but I can’t see them or my commission?

Because of the triple-layer tracking, the platform will track signups correctly the majority of times. In case you are 100% sure that an error in tracking has occurred, you can contact us on [email protected]

If you notice this happening several times, make sure that your audience is using the correct affiliate link. Enquire whether or not they are signing up from an incognito browser. Check to see if it is a self-referral signup (e.g. if they do it on your computer), and make sure that they are using—in case coupons are being utilized—your specific codes.

Promotions FAQs (EN)

Can I promote Morningscore through several different websites?

Yes, you can. It is important that you use the same referral link/coupon code, however, so that signups coming from you are properly tracked and attributed accordingly.

Where can I find my affiliate link & coupon code?

You can find your link and coupon code in your affiliate dashboard once you log on to FirstPromoter.

What promotional material can I use?

We have attached some resources on this page (Step 2 above). You can also locate these files under your Assets folder in our affiliate management platform FirstPromoter.

Can I make a site or page on my own site to promote Morningscore exclusively?

Can I make a site or page on my own site to promote Morningscore exclusively?

Can I create my own promotional materials?

Yes, as mentioned above, you may create your own materials to promote the company, as long as it does not trick the user into believing you represent Morningscore directly. Below is a clear example of what acceptable vs unacceptable branding materials look like:

Can I run paid ads to promote Morningscore?

Yes, but Google Ads are strictly prohibited as they will invariably end up competing against our own placements. Generally, we advise you to avoid running ads that point directly back to Morningscore. We want you to emphasize original content related to the tool (i.e. your new webinar, blog post review, SEO tools comparison page, etc.).

Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to run adds by us, in case you want them to point directly to our site. Do this ahead of running them, so we can ensure that they measure up to our few but strict requirements.

Can I rely on Morningscore to help me “make the sale” after I have referred a signup?

While you cannot rely only on us per se, having more customers is our ultimate goal. This is why we do everything in our power to welcome new users. Our marketing activities include welcoming email flows, guides on how to use the tool, free chat support, FAQs, etc. We are always expanding our ways of helping the customers and some of the changes include onboarding sequences, tool explainers, courses/guides & reading material on how to use the tool.

However, it is important for you to remember to incentivize users – i.e. to either sing up through your affiliate links or to use your coupon code.

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