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We're releasing a big update to our user-friendly SEO tool.
Expected launch in February 2021.

Our limit of 500 users have now signed up for early testing.


Early access signups closed

Signups are now closed. Keep an eye on this page again in February 2021 where we expect to open for public testing.

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What does the new version include?

Step 1. Sign up to request free access

We only need 500 users for testing, so be quick to sign up. If you make it onboard the team of testers, we will give you full and unlimited access to the new version of Morningscore.

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Step 2. Use the tool & Provide feedback

As part of your experience with the new version of Morningscore, you get to give feedback directly to our team. This way, you get influence on improving the features that will help you grow.

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Step 3. Get benefits and rewards

Once the new version of Morningscore officially goes live, we will reward the feedback you've given us. Stay tuned for more information on this.

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Tired of old-school tools? Yup, forget the "1999 Excel" look ...

Use the whole platform completely for free during the entire test period

  • 🌊 Improved tool workflow
  • 💵 Better credit system
  • 💎 New fresh design
  • 🏎️ Faster app and data
  • 🎓 More detailed guides
  • 🎉 Many small new features
  • 🌐 Better interlinked tools
  • 📑 More CSV exports

Want to rank for profitable keywords? Here to help!

Experience the improved workflow and new keyword-related tools

  • 📈 Improved rank tracking
  • 🗺️ Local rank tracking
  • 📱 Mobile rank tracking
  • 📁 New keyword filters
  • 📝 Better keyword research
  • 📊 Competitor rank comparison

Outrank competitors with our improved link tools

Monitor, find, and build links with our new, no-nonsense link tools. Your competitors won't stand a chance!

  • 🕵 Find "hidden" competitor links
  • 🆕 Detailed New & Lost links
  • 📡 Improved link scanner
  • 🧮 More link statistics
  • ⚡ Better link tool overall

Make Google love your website with the site audit tools

Get a lightning-fast website that ranks. It's no secret that Google absolutely loves those!

  • ✅ Simpler health tool
  • 🚀 Faster health scans
  • ⚖️ Better organized tool
  • 📋 Improved to-do guides
  • 💚 New health checks
  • ☄️ More focused landing page tool

"But wait, there's more!"

Tons of fun, useful features are about to come. Here's a quick sneak peak of our development roadmap.

  • new

    v2.7 Light Speed

    🚀 Major Page Speed Improvement
    ⚡ Much Lower CPU & RAM Usage
    📈 Completely New Graph Engine

  • new

    v2.8 Space Doctor+

    💊 New Health Tool Issues
    ⤵️ Full CSV Export In All Tools
    🏎️ Pagescore & Pagespeed Metrics

  • upcoming

    v2.9 Captain Pro

    📱 Mobile keyword tracking
    🔍 New site checker (any site)
    🔗 More link data & filters

  • upcoming

    v3.0 Fresh Cockpit

    💎 Design v.3.0 will go live
    📊 New frontpage dashboard
    🎉 Tons of new features



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