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Is Morningscore worth your money? We have collected a few use cases below that might excite you.

I invest in SEO (manager)

  • See if there is ROI in your SEO

    So you hired a team to take care of your SEO - HURRA! 😀 But how are they performing and do you get any valuable traffic out of their hard work? With Morningscore you will instantly know because we measure your SEO traffic progress in $

  • No useless geek-only data

    All our precise data is explained simple and carefully. Get only the essential numbers and track real progress for your business - no useless geek-only data.

  • Website health check

    Be the first to know if there are any SEO problems with your website. We only tell you about important stuff.

I work with SEO (consultant)

  • Let non-geeks understand the value of your great work

    A SEO reporting tool is only cool if you can show it to the boss, and they understand the value they are getting. Finally you have that kind of tool.

  • Suprisingly strong SEO audit tool

    We track 21 important parameters (instead of +100 where half of them are useless) and scan your entire website - not just the frontpage! Our crawler is state-of-the-art and based on the newest cloud technologies (@GypsyWarrior)

  • See how we calculate our reliable data

    Even very advanced tools sometimes forget to tell you how they got their numbers. We let you see our calculations so you can trust our data.