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It's just about time we end the uncertainty and confusion with SEO. Get more skilled and provide more value as a Manager who understands SEO. See exactly how below.

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What Can Morningscore Do For You?

No, we're not joking when we say the tools is made for Managers & Coordinators. In fact, consider it a tool for collaboration..

Prioritize Activities

As a Manager, we understand how important prioritizing tasks is for you. Get visual feedback on what to focus on next - similarly to a "Visual To-Do Checklist" for SEO.


Get Smart Suggestions

Get help in planning future tasks with our SEO Missions. Make better decisions and provide more value through your work with the Website Health Tool. Use the tool's guidance to easily deal even with the most technical tasks.


Measure ROI on SEO

Quickly see how much your SEO is worth in your currency and compare that to your competitors. This is the first step to measuring your ROI and it lays the foundation for better decisions. The best part? Everything is automated!


Showcase Your SEO Genius

Morningscore is your "secret weapon" when it comes to delivering on SEO projects. Use the "Page Potential" metrics to understand how much resources every improvement takes - and what return it would bring you.

The steps

See Your Data In A Matter Of Seconds!

Find out exactly where your stands and what to improve in just 20 seconds. We know you're busy, so we made this part really easy to do.


Step 1

Enter your website


Step 2

Pick your country


Step 3

See your data


Trim The Fat, Pay Only For What You Need

No need to ask your boss for fancy budget adjustments, we promise!

Morningscore rocket
From $49 Monthly
Fully sufficient for SMBs

Trim the fat and get only the tools you need. Full functionality included. The only difference in plans is the amount of credits you can use. Cancel anytime or get a -20% discount (2.5 months free) when you buy a yearly plan.

  • 1 User Seat
  • 5 Tracked Websites
  • 100 Tracked Keywords
  • Daily Keyword Rankings
  • Daily Links Update
  • On-Demand Site Checks

Takes No Time To Learn

Get comfortable working with SEO in just 5 minutes. Get the best SEO experience ever with our simplified step-by-step design. Because let's be honest - none of us have the time to learn complex tools.

Upskilling Managers Worldwide

"Learn by doing!" With our actionable Guides and Suggestions, you will both learn to think logically about SEO AND motivate yourself to work with it! It's simple - the more you know, the more you're worth!


An All-Around Tool

With Mornigscore's all-in-one set of tools, you will quickly become independent in following through your SEO projects. Got a team helping you? Monitor exactly what they are working on - and what their progress is through "Missions".


Is Your SEO Profitable?

Our "Potential Calculators" helps you estimate if projects are worth investing in while the "Health Overview Tool" makes sure no issue gets out of hand. And with the "Automated Reports", you will always know if your tasks are getting completed.


The 3 Tools That Help You Grow

Stop bending your knee to competitors and bosses. Here are the critical features that help you stay relevant throughout your SEO journey.

Keyword Tools

Keyword Rank Tracker, Keyword Research Tool, Competitor Keyword Comparison & Keyword Suggestions. What more to ask for? All the keyword tools you need as Manager to get a better overview over your SEO progress! Now you can not only monitor your keywords but also actively work with them.

Explore Keyword Tools

Link Building Tools

Rank your website as soon as possible with our robust Link Building Tools. Not only do they help you monitor your SEO, but also offer suggestions on what to do next! Work with, among others, Competitor Link Overview, Manual Link Scanner, Automated Full Link Profile, New & Lost Links & Link Rank Checker.

Explore Link Tools

Site Health Tools

Can't progress without having a good basis! With our new visual website Health Tool, you can ensure Google does not penalize you so that you can live up to your potential. Fix page problems with Landing Pages Health, Page Score Tool, Page Speed Tool, Health Progress and more!

Explore Performance Tools


Managers in over 90 countries are already enjoying the tool. What would it be like if you were one of them?

Carlos Tiscar
The tool is very affordable but at the same time it's both complete and easy to use. My favorite part of it is that it's actually more than just a tool but rather a comprehensive, complete suite.

Watch their video review

Claudio Caldeira
I started using Morningscore to get a hands-on approach to our SEO. The tool does a great job in giving you an overview of your SEO progress. It’s also a fun and engaging tool to work with because it gives you a structure and guides you on what exactly you have to do.

Watch their video review

Christina Schmeltz
I’ve used Morningscore since the beginning of my company. I tried many tools, but my heart fell for Morningscore because it’s so easy to use. And since I work many small businesses and they MUST have the tool for me to help them.

Watch their video review

Rasmus Schübel
Morningscore is the easiest SEO tool I've ever seen and used – and I've tested so many of them. The charts & data may be comparable to those of their competitors, but the fun part comes in when you make use of the many ways to play 'catch me if you can' with a competitor.

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Patrick Qureshi
Morningscore gives me that vital view of our rankings on search engines, I can see up-to-date information on how we're performing against our competitors and where we're gaining or losing traction. I also find the tool very easy to use. It just works.

Watch their video review

Trolle Hansen
I was looking for a tool where my customers could see exactly what we’re working on and what value that translates to for them. I’ve now found that with Morningscore. I recommend the platform to anyone who needs to manage and improve their SEO.

Watch their video review

Esben Østerby
I use Morningscore because SEO is not my specialty and I don’t want to spend time on it. I have an internal team who takes care of SEO, but I need to know the outcome of their work. With the tool, I can log in and see our performance from day to day.

Watch their video review

Eric Frederiksen
Super lightweight SEO tool. It is the perfect tool for us, because it gives the overview of our SEO without needing to get into the details.

Watch their video review

Heidi Kerstein
A truly usable and effective SEO tool without many disruptive elements. This means that I can actually use the tool for something specific that gives our business value!
Free Coaching

Not Sure Where To Start?

Book a free 1-on-1 Coaching Session with our SEO Specialists who will guide you towards a great start!


Hold on please, I've a few questions first..

Do I need previous experience with SEO?

No. However, if you've never done SEO, we strongly recommend you get familiar with the concepts before. After all, we don't want to disappoint you with metrics and data that doesn't make sense for you.

On the other hand, if you have SOME previous experience, we strongly believe you can be a great  fit. That's because although slightly different (and simplified), SEO is SEO and many of the concepts you've heard, read or used before still apply within our tool.

Am I commiting to anything if I give it a try?

No, the trial is completely free and you don't even need to enter your credit card details. Unless you explicitly pay for the tool after your trial has expired, there is no need to worry about being charged in any way.

"But wait, there's more!"

Tons of fun, useful features are about to come. Here's a quick sneak peak of our development roadmap.

  • new

    v2.7 Light Speed

    🚀 Major Page Speed Improvement
    ⚡ Much Lower CPU & RAM Usage
    📈 Completely New Graph Engine

  • new

    v2.8 Space Doctor+

    💊 New Health Tool Issues
    ⤵️ Full CSV Export In All Tools
    🏎️ Pagescore & Pagespeed Metrics

  • upcoming

    v2.9 Captain Pro

    📱 Mobile keyword tracking
    🔍 New site checker (any site)
    🔗 More link data & filters

  • upcoming

    v3.0 Fresh Cockpit

    💎 Design v.3.0 will go live
    📊 New frontpage dashboard
    🎉 Tons of new features



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