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"Morningscore helped me grow the organic traffic to my website by 250 % in one year"   - Tina Westergaard   SCROLL DOWN TO SEE HOW πŸ‘‡
The simple way to SEO success

Real results

Even with few ressources, you can accomplish a lot with SEO. We'll help you get started.

292 new keywords in top 3

Get help in planning future tasks with our SEO Missions. Make better decisions and provide more value through your work with the Website Health Tool. Use the tool's guidance to easily deal even with the most technical tasks.


792,84 % more page views

Quickly see how much your SEO is worth in your currency and compare that to your competitors. This is the first step to measuring your ROI and it lays the foundation for better decisions. The best part? Everything is automated!


2,474.2 % total growth in Morningscore

As a Manager, we understand how important prioritizing tasks is for you. Get visual feedback on what to focus on next - similarly to a "Visual To-Do Checklist" for SEO.


"Morningscore makes SEO fun"

Congratulations, you completed an SEO mission!

Morningscore is a simple tool that can be used by anyone regardless of their SEO skills

Get comfortable working with SEO in just 5 minutes. Get the best SEO experience ever with our simplified step-by-step design. Because let's be honest - none of us have the time to learn complex tools.

Insert a nice screenshot of her results or keyword history.

"Morgningscore er et overskueligt værktøj, som alle kan bruge uanset hvor meget man ved om SEO i forvejen."

The steps

Get the important insights in a matter of seconds

Find out exactly where you stand and what to improve in just 20 seconds. We know you're busy, so we made this part really easy to do.


Step 1

Enter your website


Step 2

Pick your country


Step 3

See your data


Trim The Fat, Pay Only For What You Need

No need to ask your boss for fancy budget adjustments, we promise!

Morningscore rocket
From $49 Monthly
Fully sufficient for SMBs

Trim the fat and get only the tools you need. Full functionality included. The only difference in plans is the amount of credits you can use. Cancel anytime or get a -20% discount (2.5 months free) when you buy a yearly plan.

  • 1 User Seat
  • 5 Tracked Websites
  • 100 Tracked Keywords
  • Daily Keyword Rankings
  • Daily Links Update
  • On-Demand Site Checks

Not sure where to begin?

Book a free 1-on-1 demo session with our SEO specialists, and let them guide you towards a great start.

"But wait, there's more!"

Tons of fun, useful features are about to come. Here's a quick sneak peak of our development roadmap.

  • new

    v2.7 Light Speed

    πŸš€ Major Page Speed Improvement
    ⚑ Much Lower CPU & RAM Usage
    πŸ“ˆ Completely New Graph Engine

  • new

    v2.8 Space Doctor+

    πŸ’Š New Health Tool Issues
    ‡️ Full CSV Export In All Tools
    🏎️ Pagescore & Pagespeed Metrics

  • upcoming

    v2.9 Captain Pro

    πŸ“± Mobile keyword tracking
    πŸ” New site checker (any site)
    πŸ”— More link data & filters

  • upcoming

    v3.0 Fresh Cockpit

    πŸ’Ž Design v.3.0 will go live
    πŸ“Š New frontpage dashboard
    πŸŽ‰ Tons of new features


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