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Changes coming in version 3

Morningscore version 3 is a big change. Apart from redesigning the whole tool and engine behind it, we change our paymen...

Learn More 11th February
What is thin content in SEO, and how to fix it once and for all?

Because your website plays such an essential role in acquiring new customers, you might be concerned about a popular ter...

Learn More 5th February
Does Changing Target Keywords Negatively Affect Your SEO?

We all know that keywords are the bread and butter of SEO. While we humans think in more implicit and abstract concepts,...

Learn More 27th January
Why is my competitor ranking higher? 11 reasons Google shows competitors higher

As a business owner, you understand how important it is to stand out from your competition. But if it takes you a little...

Learn More 21st January
WordPress Alternative Attribute Explained: What Is Image Alt Text?

We all know how important it is to use images throughout your pages and articles. Mere blocks of text become more lively...

Learn More 19th January
6 grand Google conspiracy theories rated – are they true or false?

We put on our tinfoil hats and delved into our favorite conspiracy theories about Google. Here’s what we came up wi...

Learn More 15th January

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